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The first taximeter to comply with the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), the Primus Power taximeter combines its high-performance measurement capabilities with the practical functions vital for the daily work of taxi drivers the world over.

   The power of a PC at work to ensure accuracy:

The Primus Power is the first taximeter to comply with European Directive 2004/22/CE that was available on the market in Europe in 2007. Its impressive performance in terms of precision measurements (counting accuracy of 1/1000) and the abundance of various functions are the result of over 30 years experience in the business. Its characteristics and flexibility enable it to adapt very easily and very rapidly to the legal requirements of any country in the world.

A simple and efficient design: A rugged casing available in a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes.

The ideal size (170 x 50 x 25 mm) for a simple and discreet mounting.

Very easily mounted on the dashboard, both as a detachable or fixed device.

A high-luminosity LED display ensures good visibility even 5 meters away in direct sunlight.

Very simple to use due to its four touch keys and self-documenting menu system.

An extremely adaptable billing system: Up to 30 pre-programmable billing rates

Fares can be calculated manually or automatically based on distance, duration, rate, time or date

Calendar can store up to 30 years of holidays and special dates

Extra charges using pre-programmed values or entered manually Tolls, tips and discounts

Minimum fare rate

Multiple sales tax rates

Rent mode: after a pre-programmed length of time, the taximeter locks itself and can no longer enter
Fare mode: A password generated dynamically on a private space of the ATA website must be entered on the taximeter to unlock the device and/or extend the rental.
Driver login: each driver must enter a unique password to activate the taximeter and to record data during his shift that can then be printed out for a service report.
Anti-zapper: the taximeter continuously verifies the tachometer signal and automatically detects any attempted fraud.
Totalizers: erasable and/or non-erasable counters.
Standby mode: manual or automatic (driver is able to program length of suspended time).

   When performance rhymes with elegance. To make your experience more enjoyable, ATA offers a range of housings for any circumstance. These enclosures are made of heavy-duty scratch-proof plastic and are available in various colors and finishes.

    A wide range of means for connecting equipment essential for the taxi industry:
The Primus Power taximeter offers up to 3 serial links(RS232 protocol), 1 Bluetooth link (SSP protocol) and 5 analog input/outputs to control and communicate with numerous peripheral devices.


* A wide selection of printouts: fare receipts, totalizer reports, service tickets and installation reports.
* Customizable fare receipts (from a simple receipt to an itemized invoice).
* Communication link via a shielded or flexible cable using a secure communications protocol.
*Possibility of locking the taximeter in the event of a disconnection or printer malfunction.

Roof signs:

* Compatible with all roof signs on the market
* Adjustable lighting scheme:

•Light on (vacant) or off (occupied)
•Green light on (vacant) or red light on (occupied)
•Or any other combination.

*Capable of testing the roof sign lamp bulbs and preventing the taximeter from entering Fare mode if a bulb is burned or shorted out.
*Capable of displaying the applied fare rate on the taximeter using rate lamps.
*Communication link via a shielded or flexible cable using an optional secure communications protocol.

Other peripherals: The Primus Power taximeter expansion card can be used to connect many other types of peripheral devices. This communication is ensured using a proprietary and secure protocol over serial links or a Bluetooth connection. The following peripheral devices can be used:

*Dispatch screen
*Payment terminal
*Smartcard reader
* Fleet management module (GPS/GPRS)
* A fiscal memory

Moreover, this expansion card makes mounting the taximeter more discreet and practical:

*Wiring is more discreet
*Taximeters are easily removed and remounted which is very practical if it needs to be replaced.

    High-speed and flexible programming:

ATA offers installers a suite of programming tools designed to provide greater self-sufficiency and rapidity in their work.

Our website:

*A private and confidential access to the ATA website enables installers to define their own rate tables and load them in their programming terminal.
*The site provides a wide range of rate options: fare rate changing modes (manual and/or automatic), extra charge tables, roof sign lamp assignments, etc.
*It is also possible to create customer files that define, for each taximeter, fare data, printer texts and the activation state of each function.

Programming terminal:

*The programming terminal is an essential tool for updating software and/or rate tables for the Primus Power taximeter. It is connected to a computer (PC) via the USB port and to the Primus Power taximeter using a secure communications link accessible through a tamper-evident seal.
*After being updated on the PC through the website, the terminal operates autonomously and can be used by any installer to very quickly program each Primus Power taximeter.
*A rate table can be pre-loaded in the taximeter and replace the existing table at a given date. This reduces the number of taxis having to be sent to the installers when rates change.

Quick and easy to install: The Primus Power taximeter can be easily installed on any vehicle. The speed signal it uses to count the price of a fare can come from:

*The vehicle itself (ABS, car radio, etc). Do not hesitate to contact our technical service experts so that they can help you find this signal on any type of vehicle.
*A CAN adapter.
*The ATA universal joint/drive shaft speed sensor.

The Primus Power accepts a wide range of tachymetric constants: from 500 to 200 000 pulses per kilometer. The characterization is very fast as it can take place on a track that is only 200 meters long.