Gleike Mini Taximeter

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Quality, precision, evolutivity and simplicity.

Gleike Mini taximeters are innovative and stylish; our smart taximeters are capable of possibilities that other meters can only dream of doing !

   The Gleike Mini simple meter is our basic model, it is very simple to use and all options can be accessed with only 4 buttons. Our design is very sleek and can be mounted virtually anywhere! Measuring only 65/8" X 1 1/4" X 2" it is just a frsaction of the size of the other taximeters in the market. Our simple unit works with the same principle of all of our other products and for that reason it is fully upgradable, this great feature helps to make sure that your meter always meets city standards and all this while being cost effective.

*A taximeter face that can be removed to reduce theft when the car is parked.

*A big screen that makes it easy to read without squinting or the need for glasses.

*Available in different display colors :

   * The most accurate taximeter of the US market with a precision of 1/1000th, thanks to its compliancy with the MID European standard.

* Up to 10 rates in a single unit, whereas many other meter companies often struggle to meet customer demands.

* Manual or automatic change of rates, in order to comply with any local requirement. The meter can switch automatically the rates according to the calendar (holidays included), day and night hours, distance, duration of the trip, fare, etc.

* Flat rates: easy to use adjustable flat rates can also be added to our system allowing a driver and customer to set a fixed rate or even recover a rate that has been erased due to a mistake. Rate modifications made simple.

* Automatic sleep mode to save battery and reduce visibility when stationed at night.

* Automatic wake up mode by simply pressing one of the four button of the meter.

* Automatic switch to daylight savings time.

* Automatic sending of reminders of inspection or mechanical work to the driver.

* Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) interface protocol available to communicate with your dispatch (DDS and Mobile Knowledge, others on demand).

   * Pre-programming of future rates
, at a given date, making it a smooth and less costly operation. This will help your fleet avoid long lines any time a city modifies their rates!

* Easy to program and re-program with a web interface, handheld terminal, ID key or password.

Reprogramming does not require the purchase of a new CPU/Chip like with other meters.

Its reliability virtually eliminates the need for maintenance. Saving you time and money.

Built-in pulse divider.

The meter can be fixed at many locations on the dash board.

    Once you have made the right decision of choosing Gleike, fleet management will become very simple! You will save time and money thanks to features which are unique on the market. Gleike taximeters is dedicated to making the taxi business simpler to manage, we are proud to offer a great fleet management program that is very simple to use and effective. With our fleet management system you can basically control the flow of your cabs and all this is easily done from any internet enabled PC. Our system has taken into consideration many variables and although the best fleet management options are for our Gleike Mini wireless Credit Card meter our fleet management options also work with our simple meters.

* Leasing passwords: By login in onto our website you will be able to generate codes for every meter in your fleet and therefore running a lease program can become very simple to do. This particular lease option will allow for a supervisor to generate a code that would be entered into the meter and when the due time comes, whether it is a day, week or a month the meter would ask for this code, once the driver has made his payment the code is entered and the meter will run for another cycle, if the driver neglects to pay the meter will turn off and will only be enabled once the code is entered. This great feature can be set to run daily, weekly or monthly, the limitations are your needs!

* Speed limitation : Imagine being able to save money in your insurance by proving that you fleet respects speed limits! The Gleike Mini can automatically lower or freeze a rate in progress if the driver goes beyond a set speed limit, this option will help make drivers less prone to speed since their earnings will be automatically affected [optional].

* Service duration limitation : The duration of daily service of the driver can be limited to a pre-programmed value (e.g. 11 hours). The driver can suspend the counting to do breaks whose minimum and maximum durations can also be pre-programmed.