Printing Gleike Mini Taximeter

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Accurate receipt with itemized charges.

Great for providing accurate receipt with itemized charges, great for corporate expense tracking, simple meters can be easily upgraded to printing meters!

   The Mini Printer is the highly reliable impact printer of the Gleike Mini Taximeter. It is rugged designed for driver used (ABS polycarbonate casing). The printer is separated from the meter, and does not have to be inspected after repair.

   When the Gleike Mini taximeter is linked to the Mini Printer, it is able to itemize Extras, Tips, Tolls, Suburbs on the printed receipt.

The Mini Printer has the following features:

* Each trip receipt is automatically printed with one customer copy and one driver copy

* Possibility to customize the receipt headers and footers with cab company name, phone number, etc.

* Possibility of making copies Paper sensor

* Easy paper change

* 70 feet long paper rolls (up to 300 prints)

Seamless Ink Ribbon of premium quality

    All information printed on the ticket can be easily configured through the programming terminal Gleike Mini.

    A great addition to our system is the capability to interface with MDT’s and process credit cards trough such devices while printing trough our meter, this feature can be implemented into any Gleike Mini system. Our smart meters will constantly check the connection between the meter and the terminal and can disable the meter if the connection is broken [optional]. Fleet management at its best !