Taximeter Mini with Credit Card Reader
Accept all major cards very simply, anywhere, anytime with approval in 3 seconds only !

With Gleike taximeters, the hassles of wireless credit card processing have become a thing of the past. Gleike mini taximeters can accept all major credit cards and will clearly display the status of each card processed [accepted] [declined]. Processing time is very fast thanks to our wireless connection, approvals are only 3 seconds away.

The Gleike Mini credit card meter is also capable to process paratransit cards making it easier to manage than paper vouchers. Thanks to this implementation your cab will be able to fulfill specific needs such as school or hospital transportation services.

   The Gleike Mini credit card meter is mounted on the dash board. It is composed of a meter, a printer, a magnetic card reader, a GPRS modem and optionally, a GPS receiver. An additional magstripe reader may be placed on the back seat to allow passenger to swipe their credit card themselves.

   Our Gleike Mini Credit card system is our most complete unit and it has basically everything that you need to run wireless credit card approvals and fleet management options while being cost effective. The Gleike mini with credit card has a GPRS connection and will provide constant wireless service making it available when you need it. Processing credit cards is very simple and will only take 3 seconds.

Removable taximeter including

2* 32 bits RISC processors :
Smart bracket
Mounting bracket
Magnetic Credit Card Reader
4 Serial data ports
MDT connectable
Works everywhere especially in places where other systems don't such as airport, underground, and skyscrapers.

Accept all major credit cards :

    The fleet management options on the credit card meter are similar to those of the simple meter however thanks to the wireless connection, the capabilities are even greater :

Remote enabling and disabling of meters : by login in to your account you will be able to remotely disable any cab that is not up to date on their payments or that has not complied with any orders in particular, this option has played a key role in many companies and it has helped make vehicle maintenance easier to manage. Once the driver has complied and the operations are up to date such as service, payments, etc the taximeter can be turned on remotely using the same website.

Remote text message printing : Send text messages to your drivers (trough printer) and remind them of their maintenance or payments due. These great features are available at your fingertips and all this by choosing the best system in the market.